trains of winnipeg



18,000 DEAD IN GORDON HEAD |  30 second sample

(MPEG-4 - requires the free Quicktime Player 6.0+)

download movie to disc instructions: right click (control+click mac), then choose 'download to disc' or 'save link as...'

tech tips













































. if you download the movie first with the link above, then play it from your hard drive, it may play more smoothly. re-startng your computer may help as well.

. RIGHT click (control+click with a mac) on any link, and then choose 'OPEN IN NEW WINDOW' to surf while the movie continues to load. return to this window later to view movie.

. leave your email software running on 'auto check' every five minutes, to keep from being knocked offline by your i.s.p.

, faster connection probably necessary - but trying late at night with a modem may work too.

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