In LOCAL SCORES Terrance Cox has created one of the most exciting collaborations of poetry and music ever produced. Terrance Cox has been widely published in leading literary magazines, in North America and the U.K., and debuts here in oral form accompanied by a musical tour de force.

LOCAL SCORES features poems written and performed in collaboration with eight composers and more than a dozen musicians.

LOCAL SCORES is a recording of original music as score to poems, exploring new linkages between words and music, this 'jazz, blues, countries & eastern' recording ranges from the Middle East to Southern Ontario, from Louis Armstrong to Ward Allen.





Terrance Cox                                                                        


spoken word . new poems & music
audio cd
62 mins., 43 secs.
ISBN 1-894177-09-6



CBC Radio One’s "Definitely Not The Opera":

‘Terrance Cox is doing it right.

‘Both the poetry and music are the same high quality. There's a lot of great surprises on this title, [including] a tribute to Stan Rogers, Guy Lafleur, to jazz greats Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, and to the tune "So What" by Miles Davis. And these are accompanied, all of them, by really fine playing.

‘The most obviously Canadian cut is called "Maple Sugar Breakdown". Ward Allen had a radio hit in 1957 with the fiddle tune "Maple Sugar" ... Cox knew this tune as a kid in northern Ontario, he's accompanied here by Vox Violins.

'[LOCAL SCORES] is a close collaboration with twelve different musicians, and Cox has done the work: he's learned to work the mike, and he has a strong vocal style.'