PATRICK LANE IN CAB 43 features poems written and performed by Patrick Lane, recorded in a taxi cab, a downtown park, and in the poet's back yard. This is Lane as he was meant to be heard, a poet of the real world, a witness and chronicler of that which is most brutal and most beautiful in human experience. He looks into the darkest corners of life and presents his findings with a fierce honesty, in a voice that combines the music of speech with the unerring rhythm of the human heart.

Patrick Lane was born in Nelson, British Columbia. He's published over twenty books of poetry, winning the Canadian Governor General's Award and the Canadian Authors Association Award.





Patrick Lane                                                                        

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Patrick Lane in Cab 43
selected poems / spoken word
audio cd
49 mins, 58 secs
ISBN 1894177045


Patrick Lane Reviewed:

"Patrick Lane has always walked the thin ice where truth and terror meet with a kind of savage intuition."- The Vancouver Sun

"These poems are a gift to keep. If you say them to yourself you will be speaking to your self."- poet John Newlove

"He's the best poet of his generation."- Victoria Times-Colonist