"Invoking Sylvia Plath, these poems enter precarious landscapes—physical, mental, seasonal—where the individual must negotiate a place. Chandra Mayor’s poetic skills are confident, her vision fearless, and her voice clear. This is a strong debut." —Sarah Klassen

AUGUST WITCH, Chandra Mayor’s debut collection of poems, takes the reader into realms of problematic desire, revised domesticity and psychoanalytic complexity through texts that span diverse poetic terrain, from the lyric to the narrative-based long poem. What links all of the poems in this collection is the theme of boundaries: between self and other, desire and body, "breath and reason." Mayor’s poetic voice is at once confessional, playful and linguistically sophisticated.

Chandra Mayor is a poet and editor. She has worked with dark leisure, Contemporary Verse 2, and Prairie Fire. She lives in Winnipeg.




Chandra Mayor


handra Mayor
ISBN 1-8941770-12-6