NECROPSY OF LOVE features poems written and performed by Al Purdy. Those who saw Purdy perform his work will understand the necessity of this collection -- from the first word he had his audience spellbound. Purdy's poems tackle the big mysteries of life -- love and sex, God and nature, death, the past, the cosmos, the self. He wrote with honesty, humour and pathos.

Al Purdy was born in Wooler, Ontario in 1918. He published over thirty books of poetry, as well as nine books of prose. He was a two-time winner of Canada's Governor General's Award and was awarded the Order of Canada.






Al Purdy


Necropsy of Love
selected poems / spoken word
audio cd
69 mins, 51 secs.
ISBN 1-894177-01-0


Al Purdy Reviewed:
"The disc's highlights include some of the finest lyric poems written in the annals of modern Canadian literature." -Books In Canada

"Charles Bukowski once claimed him as one of the greatest living poets, while Margaret Atwood has listed him as one of her major influences." -Montreal Mirror

"Purdy is the finest of all our poets."-Journal of Canadian Poetry