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Jurgen Hesse, artist & audio producer, Vancouver


(audio drama, mp3, 54:12 unabridged, 49.6 MB)

WAR AS CRIME is an innovative and gripping work of audio performance drama. It was originally broadcast on CBC Radio One and Two in September, 2002. This is the slightly longer, full version of the work, including the musical prelude.

Jurgen Hesse was born in Germany and emigrated to Canada in 1958. He worked as a columnist and reporter for the Globe & Mail and the Vancouver Sun. At CBC Radio in Vancouver he was a writer, interviewer and producer for Ideas and his own series Identities, his radio documentaries winning many awards including an ACTRA Nellie, and a New York Audio Arts Festival award. He wrote over two dozen books including two novels, as well as several radio plays. He died on July 30th, 2008.