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This is the CYCLOPS REVIEW 02 | Expanded Edition. It was originally published in 2002 to accompany a tradebook anthology. The two publications were designed to make a creative interplay between the traditional book and a new kind of on-line, multimedia book.

This is about the book as a physical object, and also the quickly evolving idea of 'book'.

The on-line only Expanded Edition includes a wide variety of international literary experiments: poetry & performance art, book art, experimental radio drama, sound poetry, fiction with soundtracks, and the poetry e-book.

In 2002, the CYCLOPS REVIEW 02 (the book) showcased a wide range of Canadian poets and fiction writers. They were from across the country and from different schools, and their work now provides a vivid snapshot of a varied but distinct (and still evolving) national literary culture. The design of the book focused on traditional book values, especially the formal qualities of elegance and clarity in typesetting. The book remains available in its physical form thru bookstores (ISBN 1894177134), and here as a download.

There will likely be future editions. We don't know when or exactly what form(s) they'll take. They'll be published sporadically, and the number in the title will mark the year of each edition.


02 Editors:

Jon Paul Fiorentino

Clive Holden  THE CYCLOPS REVIEW O2 | Expanded Edition