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Clint Hutzulak, novelist, Victoria


Novel excerpts + novel soundtracks

From the first day he began writing the novel, Clint imagined a soundtrack to accompany it. Like a soundtrack album from a movie, THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD END soundtracks can be enjoyed whether you've read the book or not. The instrumental music isn't intended to accompany particular sections of the book, it's not a 'read-along with walt disney' type of listening experience.

A collector of soundtracks (many for movies he hasn't yet seen), Clint Hutzulak regards the album as evocative of the ambiance created by the writing of the novel. Headphones recommended.

Novel excerpts:

Dickey  6 pages, .pdf, 88k
Jack-lighting  11 pages, .pdf, 100k
Living Room
 4 pages, .pdf,


#1  Lee Hutzulak (loop piano, electricity, phonograph, floorboards, bow, clarinet breath, sampled Todd Hutzulak); mp3 audio

#2  Todd Mason (reel-to-reel tape, effects, prepared guitar, shortwave radio, aquarium motor, tin foil, voice); mp3

#3  Minz & Maunz (Giorgio Magnanensi, sampler, electric guitar and electronics; Marco Ruggeri, voice and paranoid vocals; Walter Zanetti, acoustic, electric and spanish guitar; Nanni Canale, nay and percussion; Giordano Montecchi, harmonica; Antonio Politano, recorders and drones); mp3

#4  Jocelyn Robert (guitar, field recordings); mp3

#5  Dan Weisenberger (lap steel); mp3

The novel THE BEAUTIFUL DEAD END can be purchased from local booksellers or on-line (ISBN 1-895636-39-6, Anvil Press, 2002).