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Aaron Williamson, poet, london

33:20 whole concert  mp3, 30.6 MB

Williamson - who is deaf - explores methods of generating computer text through speech recognition software using the sounds produced by his lo-fi performance actions that are based on antiquated methods of augury and divination. Fizzing wax, furniture scrapes, fanned air and other sounds produced by the artist's performances are diverted from his deafness and transformed into text by the 'hearing' computer.

In the book, Williamson reflects on this process in a stream of prose poems accompanying the generated texts, with eerie self-photographed images from the original happenings.

Artist and writer aaron Williamson approaches his work in relation to his becoming deaf. Over the last ten years he has created many performances in Britain, Europe, Japan and North America.

His publications include A HOLYTHROAT SYMPOSIUM (1993) and CATHEDRAL LUNG (1991), and recent projects include the performance and installation SONICTRAPS at the Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, and a video installation, OBSCURE DISPLAY, at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

HEARING THINGS, by Aaron Williamson, is published and distributed by Book Works, London.

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