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William Cody Maher, poet & actor, Heidelberg/San Francisco

(.pdf, 96 pages, 668k)

William Cody Maher studied acting in Paris in the late seventies, where he met beat poet Ted Joans, whom he credits with playing a large role in his becoming a writer.

In the late seventies and early eighties he made films with director Alexandre Rockwell, in the features LENZ and HERO he played a lead role and co-wrote the screenplays.

During the mid-eighties he collaborated with the photographer Susan Schwartzenberg and they produced a documentary photo installation project called MY NAME IS HUNTER'S POINT. The principle outcome was an exhibit at Camera Works in San Francisco, at the Brecht Centrum and in the DAI in Heidelberg, and a smaller version in Berlin. City Lights published a mini book comprised of two poems at this time.

In 2001 he recorded THE SUITCASE (English), a CD of poetry and music, with musician-producer Frank Pyne.

Recently, William Cody Maher has collaborated with a leading member of the Frankfurt Ballet, Tony Rizzi. They've co-written the work, JUDY IS ANGRY, which was staged this year in Frankfurt and Vienna.

In 2006 his poetry collection, Geisterstadt – Dialoge und Monologe, was published in Germany.

Originally from San Francisco, William Cody Maher has lived in Paris, Berlin, Moscow, and he currently resides in Heidelberg.